From sunny snickers to tempestuous titters, our weather whimsies promise every forecast is funny!

Ever thought of clouds with a sense of comic timing or sunrays that sizzle with silliness? Delve into our meteorological medley where each weather wiggle comes with a wave of wit. Whether it's raindrops recounting riotous tales or snowflakes sharing chilly chuckles, we've got the atmospheric anecdotes that'll brighten your day or make your stormy mood dissipate. So, umbrella or sunhat in hand, embark on a climatic comedy cruise that promises a forecast full of funnies!

Wet jokes

"Dive into a sea of laughter with our wet and wild jokes. Don't forget your umbrella - it's raining humor! ☔ "

Snowmobile jokes

Sled into hilarity with our avalanche of snowmobile jokes! ❄️ Let the laughter drift as we race through a blizzard of comedy! ⛄

Irma jokes

"Get ready to be blown away by 100+ jokes about Irma! Brace yourself for a whirlwind of laughter in this comedic tempest like no other! #Jokes #IrmaHumor"

Temperature jokes

Laugh through the heat and cold with 100+ temperature jokes that will warm your heart and cool your day! Ready for a thermal laugh ride?

Sunburn jokes

Sizzle with laughter! Discover 100+ hilarious sunburn jokes that will leave you blushing and reaching for the aloe vera.

Global warming jokes

The planet is heating up, and it's no joke. As temperatures soar and ice caps melt, the stark reality of climate change confronts us daily. Imagine a world where scorching heatwaves, relentless storms, and rising sea levels become the norm. Our carbon footprint is growing, turning global warming into an urgent crisis that demands immediate attention. Let's cut through the noise and tackle this environmental challenge with humor and insight, shedding light on the serious consequences of our actions while keeping a smile on our faces.

San diego jokes

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Snow jokes

Discover 100+ snow jokes that will have you laughing all winter long. Chill out and enjoy the funniest frosty humor around!

Lightning jokes

Spark your funny bone with lightning jokes! Zaps of humor in every line, guaranteed to electrify your day. ⚡️

Heat jokes

Dive into a scorching collection of heat jokes that'll leave you laughing hotter than the sun! ☀️

New england jokes

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Windy jokes

Whirl into a world of breezy humor! From gentle zephyrs to mighty gales, brace yourself for a gusty gigglefest with our windy jokes collection.

Humidity jokes

Dive into a mist of laughter! 100+ humidity jokes to lighten your day.

Rain jokes

Rainy day? No problem! Dive into a deluge of giggles with our hilarious collection of rain-themed jokes! ☔️

Dry jokes

Dive into a desert of laughter with our dry humor jokes.

Tornado jokes

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Climate change jokes

Laugh in the face of climate crisis with 100 witty jokes! Join us for a humorous spin on saving the planet!

Snowman jokes

Chill with laughter as frosty friends frolic in 100+ snowman jokes. Frosty's funnies await!