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Norm macdonald jokes

"Unlock laughter vaults with jokes as sharp as Norm Macdonald's wit! Warning: Side effects may include uncontrollable snorts and a sudden urge to rewatch every Norm stand-up."

Fonz jokes

"Fonz walked into a joke, and suddenly, even the punchline said 'Ayyyyy!' Get ready for a wild ride through laughter!"

Super bowl jokes

"Score a touchdown of laughter with our Super Bowl jokes! Get ready to tackle your funny bone in this end zone of humor."

Yo mama jokes

Get ready to ROFL with the ultimate compilation of "Yo Mama" jokes! 100+ rib-tickling zingers to keep you laughing non-stop! ‍

Kermit jokes

"Hop into hilarity with Kermit! Dive into 100+ uproarious froggy jokes that'll leave you croaking with laughter! #MuppetHumor"

Spongebob jokes

"Absorb hilarious laughs with SpongeBob's wacky world! Dive into quirky jokes that'll have you saying, 'Aye-aye, Captain!'"

Cleveland browns jokes

"Cleveland Browns: Where touchdowns are rarer than a unicorn sighting. Get ready to chuckle at their field of dreams!"

Fox news jokes

"Fox News: Where 'fair and balanced' meets 'fiction and brilliance'! #MediaSatire"

Olive oyl jokes

"Olive Oyl: The Real Slim 'Oyl' - Discover the 'olive'-arious world of spinach, romance, and laughter in our olive-tastic joke collection!"

Buddy hackett jokes

"Discover the punchlines that would make Buddy Hackett proud! Dive into a world of timeless humor in our hilarious tribute. ️ #BuddyHackettLaughs"

Barney jokes

"Barney jokes that will make you wonder if he's the real dinosaur or just a stand-up comedian! "

Netflix jokes

"Netflix: Where buffering is the real suspense! "

Superhero jokes

"Unmasking the humor: Superhero jokes that'll have you laughing in a flash! "

Bert and ernie jokes

"Discover the hilarious world of Bert and Ernie with jokes that'll Sesame-ously crack you up! "

Talent show jokes

"Discover the talent show jokes that'll make you laugh till the curtain falls! Unveil the hidden humor backstage! #TalentShowGiggles"

Dora jokes

"Join Dora in a world of laughter and adventure! Hilarious jokes await in our Dora-themed comedy journey. Explore now!"

Batman jokes

"Unmasking the Dark Knight: Laugh out loud with hilarious Batman jokes! "

Alex jokes

"Alex's humor: Sharp wit in a byte-sized world. "

Loki jokes

" Trickster god meets punchlines! Loki's mischief sparks laughter in our hilarious blog post. #LokiJokes #LaughWithLoki"

Gordon jokes

"Gordon's jokes: Laughs so good, even he can't help but crack a smile! Get ready for humor that Gordon approves of."

Dragon ball jokes

"Power levels of humor break through the scouter! Chuckle your way into the world of Dragon Ball with these super Saiyan-worthy jokes."

Candice jokes

"Candice walked into a joke, and the punchline? Pure laughter! Get ready for a sweet dose of humor that's all about Candice."

Anthony jeselnik jokes

"Unpredictably dark: Jokes honoring Anthony Jeselnik's comedic prowess that'll leave you laughing in delightful disbelief. "

Tv jokes

"TV's like a joke: press play for punchlines, remote for laughs. Channel your humor with rib-tickling TV-inspired jokes!"

Deadpan jokes

"Expecting humor? Keep a straight face as our deadpan jokes sneak in, leaving you chuckling at life's most unexpected punchlines. "

Pikachu jokes

"Shockingly funny Pikachu jokes that zap dull moments! Spark up your day with electrifying humor that Pikachu approves!"

Dallas cowboys jokes

"Unveil the true 'cowboy' spirit as we wrangle up laughs, roping in the humor, in this wild ride through Dallas Cowboys jokes!"

Nfl jokes

"Unleash endzone-worthy laughs with NFL-inspired humor. Tackling touchdowns of hilarity like a blitz, this post is a fan's ultimate touchdown dance!"

Yoda jokes

"Yoda's humor: Laugh, you will. Jokes from a galaxy far, far away that warp your mind, they shall. May the puns be with you!"

Funny jokes

"Tickle your funny bone with hilariously witty jokes that'll leave you in stitches! Get ready to LOL uncontrollably!"

Amanda jokes

"Meet Amanda: The punchline princess turning life's quirks into laughter gold. Brace for giggles, unexpected twists, and a joyful read!"