Blast off into a universe of uproar, where planets provide puns and galaxies giggle.

Our cosmic collection promises a laughter voyage that's out of this world. Ever imagined what the Moon might muse during an eclipse or the jests Jupiter and Mars might share? Navigate nebulous nonsense, sail across starry satires, and dive deep into black holes bursting with banter. From extraterrestrial teases to astronaut antics, our space section orbits around every comic constellation. Strap in, and let’s launch into a limitless loop of lunar laughs!

Schrodinger jokes

Enter the quantum realm of humor with jokes about Schrödinger's antics. Laugh through paradoxes in this comic expedition!

Han solo jokes

Laugh your way through 100+ Han Solo jokes that even Chewbacca would love! Get ready for galactic giggles and star-studded humor!

Pluto jokes

Plunge into the cosmic comedy of Pluto, the dwarf planet with a giant sense of humor! Whether you're a fan of astronomy or just love a good laugh, these Pluto jokes are sure to send your spirits into orbit. Prepare for stellar puns and galactic giggles that shine brighter than the distant sun.

Moon jokes

Discovering the humor of the East Coast is like unearthing a treasure trove of joy. As we wrap up our journey through these rib-tickling anecdotes, remember, the laughter doesn't end here. Explore more mirth-filled moments featuring our beloved Newfoundlanders on our site. Don't miss out on the giggles and grins that await you. Keep the chuckles rolling and the smiles shining bright!

Darth vader jokes

Laugh your way through the galaxy with pun-packed Darth Vader jokes that'll have even the Emperor rolling on the Death Star floor.

Et jokes

Laugh your way through 100+ ET jokes that are hilariously out of this world! Get ready for cosmic giggles and interstellar fun!

Tauntaun jokes

Frosty hilarity awaits! Dive into a galaxy of tauntaun antics with these side-splitting jokes. Laugh your way through Hoth!

Argon jokes

Light up your day with noble gas giggles! Dive into a cosmic collection of Argon jokes that'll leave you glowing with laughter.

The last jedi jokes

Lightsaber laughs and Skywalker silliness! Dive into "The Last Jedi" joke galaxy for a cosmic chuckle!

Physics jokes

Indulge in a fusion of wit and science with hilarious physics jokes that defy gravity and tickle your neurons!

Meteor jokes

Meteor jests shooting across the blogosphere! Brace for cosmic laughter with meteor-themed humor that's out of this world!

Jupiter jokes

"Prepare for interstellar hilarity! Dive into our Jupiter joke blog for celestial giggles that'll launch you to outer space and back. "

Space jokes

Get ready to launch into orbit with cosmic comedy! Explore the galaxy of giggles in our space-themed joke collection.

Astrophysicist jokes

Astronomy meets hilarity in this star-studded collection of astrophysicist jokes! ✨ Laugh your way through the cosmos with wit that's out of this world!

Future jokes

Embark on a laughter-fueled journey through tomorrow with these future-focused jokes!

Black hole jokes

Dive into the cosmic abyss of laughter with black hole jokes that defy gravity!

Star wars jokes

"Dive into the comedic cosmos with our collection of Star Wars jokes! From Jedi jests to Sith silliness, warp-speed laughs await in this galaxy-spanning humor fest."

Stormtrooper jokes

"Get ready to dodge blaster bolts of hilarity! Dive into a galaxy of giggles with our collection of Stormtrooper jokes. May the laughter be with you!"

Saturn jokes

Saturnian giggles orbiting hilarity. Dive into a cosmic carousel of humor with puns, quips, and rings of laughter!

Gravity jokes

"Gravity gets a comedic twist! Dive into a universe of laughter with gravity-themed jokes that'll defy your expectations. Get ready to defy gravity with giggles!"

Mars jokes

"Get ready for a celestial laugh riot! Dive into our Mars-themed joke galaxy and discover humor that's out of this world. #MartianMirth"

Stephen hawking jokes

Explore the comedic cosmos with 100+ side-splitting Stephen Hawking jokes. A stellar fusion of wit and science awaits!