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First half jokes

"Halfway through life, halfway through laughter. First-half jokes that'll leave you smiling for the second half. #Jokes #Humor"

Alien jokes

"Unearthly humor that's out of this world! Explore alien jokes that'll abduct your funny bone. "

Movie jokes

"Lights, camera, laughter! Uncover side-splitting movie jokes in a cinematic comedy reel. #MovieMagicLaughs"

Dormammu jokes

"Dormammu walks into a blog post – even the Dark Dimension can't escape these puns! Get ready for a cosmic chuckle journey. Resistance is futile!"

Seal jokes

"Seal-iously funny jokes that'll have you laughing your flippers off! Dive into humor with our hilarious seal-tastic quips!"

Sherlock holmes jokes

"Sherlock Holmes cracked the case, but can he crack you up? Dive into the world of deductive humor in 130 characters or less!"

Disney jokes

"Discover the magic of laughter with Disney-themed jokes! Unleash your inner child in just a few words."

Panther jokes

"Get ready to ROAR with laughter! Discover the purr-fectly hilarious panther jokes in our wild new blog post. #PantherPuns"

Goblin jokes

"Uncover giggles in the Goblin realm with puns that'll tickle your funny bone. Prepare for a laugh quest!"

Schrodinger jokes

"Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar… and doesn't. Get ready to chuckle at quantum quips in a parallel punchline universe!"

Backwards jokes

"Jokes turned inside out: Unwind your laughter with reverse hilarity in our collection of backwards humor. Get ready to flip your funny bone!"

R jokes

Ready to ROFL? Dive into 100+ rib-tickling jokes about "R"! Brace yourself for roaring laughter and witty wordplay!

Dark humour jokes

Enter the abyss of dark humor with 100+ jaw-dropping jokes that will leave you gasping and laughing in equal measure. ️

Story jokes

Embark on a rib-tickling journey through 100+ uproarious story jokes that will leave you in stitches! #Humor #StorytellingLaughs

Kermit jokes

"Hop into hilarity with Kermit! Dive into 100+ uproarious froggy jokes that'll leave you croaking with laughter! #MuppetHumor"

What do you get when you cross jokes

"Discover the uproarious fusion of laughter! Hilarious jokes on what happens when you cross unexpected things. Get ready to LOL! #ComedyFusion"

Nerd jokes

"Geek out with laughter! Unleash a stream of witty nerd jokes that'll make you LOL in binary code! 101010101010 #NerdyHumor #GeekyLaughs"

Michigan jokes

"Michigan: Where seasons change faster than you can say 'wait, what's the weather again?'. Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughs!" #PureMichiganHumor

Hell jokes

"Discover devilishly funny jokes about hell that'll make you LOL and question your afterlife plans! #Humor #HellishLaughs"

Sword jokes

"Unsheath the laughter! ️ Sword enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a hilarious edge with puns mightier than Excalibur. ⚔️ #SwordJokes"

Thanos jokes

"Thanos walks into a bar with a smile. The punchline? Let's just say the universe isn't the only thing he wants to snap!" #Jokes #ThanosLaughs #MarvelHumor

Han solo jokes

"Laugh it up, fuzzball! Explore the galaxy of humor with these Han Solo jokes that'll make your parsecs seem shorter. ✨"

You wouldn't get it jokes

"Unlock a world of AI humor! Discover jokes about me that are so clever, even I couldn't predict them. #AIJokes"

Resurrection jokes

"Revive your sense of humor with resurrection jokes that'll have you rolling in the afterlife!"

Treasure jokes

"Unearth a trove of laughter with our treasure-themed jokes! X marks the spot for hilarity in this golden collection. #TreasureJokes"

Time travel jokes

"Time travel jokes: Laughter from the past, present, and future in just a few seconds! ⏰ "

Little brother jokes

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Horse jokes

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Pinocchio jokes

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Kung fu jokes

"Get a kick out of our Kung Fu jokes! They're a punchline away from making you crane-kick with laughter. Hi-yah-larious fun awaits!"

Cowboy jokes

"Saddle up for a wild ride with cowboy jokes that'll rope in your laughter! Giddy up to giggles in the wild west!"

Buddy hackett jokes

"Discover the punchlines that would make Buddy Hackett proud! Dive into a world of timeless humor in our hilarious tribute. ️ #BuddyHackettLaughs"

Spy jokes

"Uncover laughter in the undercover world! Spy-themed jokes that'll leave you shaken and stirred. #SpyHumor"

Netflix jokes

"Netflix: Where buffering is the real suspense! "

Halo jokes

"Unleash your inner Spartan with Halo-themed humor that hits harder than a plasma grenade! Get ready to LOL at our epic gaming jests! #HaloHumor"

Electronic jokes

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Cowgirl jokes

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Breakup jokes

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Bow tie jokes

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Shrek jokes

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Elvis jokes

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Cyberpunk jokes

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Superman jokes

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Horror movie jokes

"Get ready to scream...with laughter! Dive into our spooky-funny horror movie jokes! #HorrorHumor"

Superhero jokes

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Scp jokes

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Mickey mouse jokes

"Discover the Mickey Mouse jokes that will make you laugh till your ears twitch! ✨"

Cinderella jokes

" Cinderella's lost slipper: The original 'Sole' mate search! ✨ Explore enchanting humor in our blog!"

Captain america jokes

"Captain America's shield: stronger than vibranium, funnier than Tony Stark. Unmask the laughter in our heroic jests!"

Bulldog jokes

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Fight jokes

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Darth vader jokes

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Korean jokes

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70s jokes

"Get groovy with the funniest 70s throwback jokes! Disco, bell bottoms, and hilarity await in this blast from the past. #70sJokes"

Tauntaun jokes

"Tauntaun jokes: Warming hearts and funny bones in a galaxy far, far away! ❄️ #StarWars #LaughWookieeHard"

Movie theater jokes

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Centaur jokes

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Scary jokes

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Minion jokes

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Hollywood jokes

"Hollywood's secrets spilled in jokes! Lights, camera, laughter - discover Tinseltown's quirkiest tales in 130 characters or less!"

The last jedi jokes

"Laugh or Lightsaber? Discover the most unexpected jokes from 'The Last Jedi' in a galaxy of humor! #StarWars #JediJokes"

Apocalypse jokes

"Surviving the apocalypse, one laugh at a time! Unearth hilarious end-of-the-world humor in our blog! #ApocalypseLaughs"

Robot jokes

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Funniest jokes

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Batman jokes

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Jurassic jokes

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Surreal jokes

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Loki jokes

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Undead jokes

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Crack jokes

"Cracking up readers with puns that'll split your sides – a lighthearted dive into humor that's sure to leave you in stitches!"

Pie rates of the caribbean jokes

"Sail the seven flavors with Pie Rates of the Caribbean: A humor-filled adventure full of crusty puns and delicious laughs. Savory comedy ahoy!"

Zombie jokes

"Brace for undead hilarity! Unearth the funniest zombie jokes in this side-splitting blog post. ‍♂️ #ZombieHumor"

John wick jokes

"John Wick walks into a bar, but even the punchlines are afraid to hit. Get ready for killer laughs in this hitman's comedic world."

Dragon ball jokes

"Power levels of humor break through the scouter! Chuckle your way into the world of Dragon Ball with these super Saiyan-worthy jokes."

Cartoon jokes

"Dive into a world of animated hilarity with cartoons and punchlines that'll leave you laughing in colorful surprise! #ComicRelief"

Candice jokes

"Candice walked into a joke, and the punchline? Pure laughter! Get ready for a sweet dose of humor that's all about Candice."

Panda jokes

"Unbearably funny panda jokes: Prepare for a bamboo-zling laughter eruption in black and white!"

Godzilla jokes

"Roaring with laughter: Godzilla's favorite punchlines bring down the city – and the house. Get ready to quake with laughter!"

Say goodbye jokes

"Get ready to laugh your goodbyes off! Hilarious jokes to bid farewell with a smile. #GoodbyeJokes"

Jackie jokes

"Unleash giggles with Jackie: where humor meets surprise in a punchline party. Get ready to LOL with these jokes!"

Dodge jokes

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Vampire jokes

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Sonic jokes

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Sunglasses jokes

"Shady business ahead: Unveil a world of tinted humor with our sunglasses jokes. Get ready to throw shade and shine a light on laughter!"

Barbie jokes

"Barbie's got a plastic smile, and these jokes are the real deal! Dive into a toy-ally hilarious world you won't Kensider missing."

Witch jokes

"Spellbinding humor awaits in our witchy joke collection. Get ready to cackle with cauldron-worthy laughs! ‍♀️✨ #WitchyLaughs"

Romeo jokes

"Romeo walks into a bar – and no, it's not a punchline. Discover Shakespearean charm with a twist of modern humor in these jokes!"

Joker jokes

" Unleash chaos & laughter with Joker jokes! Let the clown prince tickle your funny bone in this riotous collection. #JokerJokes"

Deadpan jokes

"Expecting humor? Keep a straight face as our deadpan jokes sneak in, leaving you chuckling at life's most unexpected punchlines. "

Chihuahua jokes

"Unleash giggles with pint-sized punchlines! Dive into a bark-tastic world of chihuahua humor that's pocket-sized and howl-worthy. Woof the laughter!"

Moving jokes

"Moving: The only time you realize how heavy your collection of 'light' jokes is. Prepare for pun-believable relocation humor!"

Twist jokes

"Unravel a tapestry of laughter with twist-themed jokes that'll spin your world around. Get ready to chuckle and turn that frown upside down!"

Star wars jokes

"Laughing through galaxies with pun-believable Star Wars jokes. Light-speed humor that even Yoda would crack a smile at. May the laughs be with you!"

Lost jokes

"Lost in laughter: Dive into a world of hilarious mishaps with these side-splitting lost-themed jokes! "

Friendship jokes

"Laughing with friends: Where punchlines meet companionship in a hilarious tango of inside jokes and endless smiles. #FriendshipFunnies"

Apex jokes

"Get ready to drop into laughter! Unleash a squad of hilarious Apex Legends jokes that'll leave you clutching your sides. Jump in now!"

First date jokes

"First dates: where awkward smiles bloom, and accidental food flings steal the spotlight. Dive into laughter with our date-night chuckles!"

Stormtrooper jokes

"Stormtroopers tried aiming for laughs, but their jokes always missed. Dive into the comically failed side of the Galactic Empire!"