Tinsel or treats, every festivity comes with a funny twist! Revel in holiday humor from every corner of the calendar.

Holidays aren't just about feasts and festivities; they're also brimming with laughs and levity. Dive into our sack of seasonal silliness, from Christmas capers with Santa's sly side to Halloween howlers that are eerily entertaining. Picture a turkey's take on Thanksgiving or a bunny's banter about Easter eggs. No matter the occasion, from Diwali's delightful drollery to Hanukkah's humorous highlights, our collection ensures every celebration is paired with comic cheer. Mark your calendars and unwrap a year-round gift of giggles!

Sunday jokes

"Sunday: The only day where 'lazy' and 'funny' unite for a perfect pun-day!"

Halloween jokes

"Spooktacular laughs that'll haunt your funny bone! Unearth Halloween humor in our latest blog post! #BooHaha"

Hanukkah jokes

"Light up your Hanukkah with a laugh! Discover menorah moments in our hilarious holiday jokes. "

Gift jokes

"Unwrap the laughter with the quirkiest gift jokes! Get ready to LOL in 130 characters or less!"

Calendar jokes

"Tickle your funny bone with timely calendar jokes! Days, dates, and laughter – it's a date you won't want to miss!"

Namaste jokes

"Yoga mats, meditation, and a sprinkle of laughter - Unearth the Zen in Zest with Namaste Jokes!"

Honeymoon jokes

"Unpacking the laughter in love! Honeymoon humor that'll tickle your heart. ❤️ #HoneymoonJokes"

Pinata jokes

"Smashingly funny pinata jokes that'll leave you in stitches! Don't miss the laughs!"

Yo mama jokes

Get ready to ROFL with the ultimate compilation of "Yo Mama" jokes! 100+ rib-tickling zingers to keep you laughing non-stop! ‍

Daylight savings jokes

Time-twisting humor galore! Laugh out loud with our hilarious collection of daylight savings jokes. Tick-tock-tickle your funny bone now! ⏰

Reunion jokes

"Reunion jokes that'll make you laugh 'til you cry - because life's better when old friends and puns collide! #Comedy #ReunionFun"

Roses are red jokes

"Roses are red, laughter is contagious! Dive into a garden of witty blooms with our rose-tinted jokes. Petals up for giggles!"

Prayer jokes

"Unanswered prayers? Holy punchlines! Dive into a divine collection of prayerful humor that'll have you laughing in heavenly stitches. "

Christan jokes

"Faith meets humor in heavenly hilarity! Discover divine laughs in our Christian jokes collection. "

Golden years jokes

"Golden years: Where you age like fine wine and your jokes get even better! "

Donuts jokes

" Prepare for a hole lot of laughter! Donut jokes that'll glaze your day with sweet humor in every bite. "

Brunch jokes

"Brunch: Where bacon and mimosas conspire to cure both hunger and Monday blues! #BrunchLaughs"

Wednesday jokes

"Wednesday: The hump day that's secretly a laugh riot! Dive into the midweek humor you didn't see coming."

Fruitcake jokes

"Unlock the fruity secrets of fruitcake - Our blog serves up sweet laughs in every slice! #FruitcakeFunnies"

Candy jokes

"Unwrap the sweetest laughs with our candy-themed jokes! Discover humor as delicious as your favorite treats in our blog post!"

Tuesday jokes

"Tuesday: The day even coffee needs a double shot! ☕ Get ready for a dose of laughter with our Tuesday jokes!"

Oklahoma jokes

"Oklahoma: Where tornadoes swirl, but so do the laughs! Discover the humor in the Sooner State. ️ #OklahomaJokes"

Goodnight jokes

"Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs byte! Discover hilarious goodnight jokes that'll leave you giggling till dawn. #GoodnightHumor"

Grandma jokes

"Grandma's jokes: ageless humor that'll leave you in stitches! "

Pie jokes

"Slice into a world of laughter with our pie-licious jokes! Get ready to crumble in fits of hilarity. #PieHumor"

Hallmark jokes

"Hallmark: Where greeting cards become Hall of Fame-worthy dramas! ✉️ Explore the hilarity in our blog!"

Mitzvah jokes

"Laughing through life's mitzvah moments: Unearth the humor in Jewish traditions with these witty jokes!"

Three wise men jokes

"Three wise men walk into a punchline! Discover hilarious jokes that'll have you laughing 'til the camels come home."

Thanksgiving jokes

"Stuffing our faces and Turkey trotting for a side of laughter. Feast on hilarious Thanksgiving jokes that'll spice up your holiday table! "

Hokey pokey jokes

"Get ready to shake things up with hilarious hokey pokey jokes that'll have you laughing in and out of the dance floor! #HokeyPokeyHumor"

Gratitude jokes

"Laugh your way to gratitude with these surprising jokes! Discover a whole new perspective on thankfulness."

Lent jokes

"Spice up Lent with a side of humor! Discover hilarious Lent jokes in our latest blog post. Holy laughter awaits!"

Tamale jokes

"Spice up your day with a side of corny humor! Get wrapped in laughter with our tamale-themed jokes that are masa-merizingly funny. "

New year jokes

"Ring in the new year with laughter – dive into a collection of surprising and hilarious jokes that'll have you celebrating all year long. Cheers to humor!"

Birthday jokes

"Age is just a number, but cake is a universal language. Celebrate with laughter – it's the ultimate birthday gift! #BirthdayJokes"

Pentecost jokes

"Holy laughter guaranteed! Unleash a whirlwind of Pentecost humor that'll have you speaking in tongues of laughter. Amen to these jokes!"

Hope jokes

"Hope: The only thing stronger than Monday morning coffee. Get ready to LOL!"

70th birthday jokes

"Turning 70? Embrace the silver, skip the midlife crisis! Check out hilariously wise cracks for a vintage celebration."

Mom jokes

"Unleash laughter with maternal wit - giggles, eye-rolls, and love in every line. Your daily dose of mom jokes awaits!"

Christmas jokes

"Unwrap a bundle of holiday humor with our Christmas jokes – guaranteed to sleigh your festive spirit! "

Snowman jokes

"Frosty's stand-up: Snowman jokes that sleigh, even when the temperature won't! ❄️ Get ready to chuckle in a winter wonderland of laughs. ☃️"

Did you hear about jokes

"Unearth chuckles with 'Did you hear about?' jests - where punchlines bloom from the unexpected!"

Senior citizen jokes

"Unleash chuckles with timeless wit! Discover uproarious senior citizen jokes that defy age, serving up laughter in golden moments. "

50th wedding anniversary jokes

"50 years of 'I do' & still laughing! Celebrate golden love with these hilarious anniversary jokes. Laughter guaranteed!"

Easter jokes

"Hunt no further for egg-citing Easter humor! Crack up with our yolks, from bunny puns to egg-cellent jokes. Hoppy reading!"