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History isn't just dates and battles; it's also filled with tales of tickling times and hilarious heroes. Our history jokes catapult you back to times when pharaohs found puns fantastic and knights knew knock-knock jokes. Picture a Roman emperor's rib-tickling routines or medieval jesters jesting about jousts. From ancient antics to Renaissance ribaldries, we've excavated every era for its most entertaining essence. So, open this time-traveling tome and journey through the jest-filled annals of history!

Croatia jokes

"Discover the laughter in every Adriatic breeze! Dive into Croatia's comedy scene with our side-splitting jokes that'll make you say 'Dalmatian, these are good!'"

Velociraptor jokes

"Unleash roars of laughter with razor-sharp velociraptor jokes! Your daily dose of prehistoric humor awaits. Warning: T-Rex-level chuckles guaranteed!"

Tank jokes

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Pennsylvania jokes

"Unlock the Keystone State's humor vault! Discover Pennsylvania's quirkiest jokes in 130 characters or less!"

Medicare jokes

"Medicare: Where laughter is the best policy! Uncover healthcare humor in our latest blog post."

Jonah jokes

"Dive into laughter with Jonah's mishaps and misadventures. These jokes will make you whale with delight! #JonahJokes"

First half jokes

"Halfway through life, halfway through laughter. First-half jokes that'll leave you smiling for the second half. #Jokes #Humor"

Aids jokes

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Queen jokes

"Her Majesty's jokes reign supreme: A royal laugh-a-thon fit for a queen's court. #ComedyMonarchy"

Molasses jokes

"Sticky situations and sweet giggles: Molasses jokes that pour on the laughter!"

Jazz jokes

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Hanukkah jokes

"Light up your Hanukkah with a laugh! Discover menorah moments in our hilarious holiday jokes. "

Calendar jokes

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Tennessee jokes

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Justice jokes

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Hungarian jokes

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Greek jokes

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Creation jokes

"Universe 404: God's sense of humor decoded! Explore cosmic punchlines and divine jests in the ultimate comedic creation tale. LOL at the origins of existence! #DivineJokes"

Brooklyn jokes

"Brooklyn: Where even the pigeons have attitude! Get ready to LOL with our borough-busting jokes. #BrooklynLaughs"

Repent jokes

"Repent for those snack sins! Hilarious confessions & redemption in just 130 characters! #RepentanceLaughs"

Nasa jokes

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Turkish jokes

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Flag jokes

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Sunday school jokes

"Sundays: When Sunday School turns into 'Punday School' - Unleash holy laughter with heavenly humor in our blog!"

Seamen jokes

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Arab jokes

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Egyptian jokes

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Persian jokes

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Cousin jokes

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Story jokes

Embark on a rib-tickling journey through 100+ uproarious story jokes that will leave you in stitches! #Humor #StorytellingLaughs

Daylight savings jokes

Time-twisting humor galore! Laugh out loud with our hilarious collection of daylight savings jokes. Tick-tock-tickle your funny bone now! ⏰

You know what they say jokes

Unlock hilarity with "You Know What They Say" jokes! A rib-tickling collection of wit and humor for endless laughs.

Heaven jokes

Eternal laughs await in our heavenly joke collection! Discover celestial humor that'll have you floating on cloud nine.

Tarot jokes

Cosmic chuckles and tarot twists! Dive into 100+ mystical jokes that'll leave you in stitches. Unveil the deck of laughter now!

Noah jokes

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Asian jokes

Tickle your funny bone with 100+ surprising Asian jokes! A joyous ride through humor and culture. Let the laughter begin!

Marines jokes

"Semper Funny! Dive into a battalion of marine-inspired jokes and unleash waves of laughter. Oorah to humor!"

Catholic priest jokes

"Holy humor! Unveil chuckles with priestly jests that raise spirits and eyebrows. Get ready to LOL at these divine punchlines. Amen to laughter!"

Nantucket jokes

Nantucket's comic treasures revealed! Dive into 100 jokes that'll leave you laughing like a beach-loving buccaneer. Arr, the mirth awaits!

Old timer jokes

"Unearthed chuckles from the past: Timeless jokes that'll make old timers and young timers alike burst into laughter! ️ #VintageHumor"

Baptist jokes

Holy humor awaits! Dive into a Baptist joke extravaganza, where laughter reigns supreme. Unveil 100+ rib-tickling gems.

Sword jokes

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Gun jokes

Lock & load laughter with gun jokes! Aiming for humor bullseye, this blog fires puns, one-liners, & more. Ready to reload smiles?

Bison jokes

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Long jokes

Endless laughs & epic tales await in our collection of long jokes! Brace yourself for a sidesplitting journey of humor & amusement. #Jokes #Comedy

Cleveland browns jokes

"Cleveland Browns: Where touchdowns are rarer than a unicorn sighting. Get ready to chuckle at their field of dreams!"

Africa jokes

Embark on a laughter safari! Delight in 100+ surprising jokes about Africa's vibrant humor and wild wit. Let the mirthful journey begin!

Filipino jokes

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Michael jackson

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Christan jokes

"Faith meets humor in heavenly hilarity! Discover divine laughs in our Christian jokes collection. "

Archery jokes

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Antique jokes

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Wall street jokes

"Wall Street: Where stocks go up, down, and jokes always trend! #FinanceFunnies"

Ukrainian jokes

"Discover the humor that crosses borders! Ukrainian jokes that'll have you laughing worldwide. #UkrainianHumor"

Newspaper jokes

"Newspaper jokes: Because headlines aren't the only things that should make you laugh! "

History jokes

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Finnish jokes

"Unlock the humor in Finland's quirks! Discover witty Finnish jokes that'll have you saying 'sisu' to laughter. #FinnishFunnies"

Coin jokes

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Resurrection jokes

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Olympic jokes

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Nuclear jokes

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New jersey jokes

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Navajo jokes

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Baroque jokes

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Ring jokes

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Treasure jokes

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Minister jokes

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Diamond jokes

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Liberal jokes

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Cold war jokes

"Chill out with Cold War humor – where spies, politics, and ice-cold punchlines collide!❄️ #ColdWarComedy"

Wisconsin jokes

"Discover Wisconsin's cheesy humor – Laugh your curds off with these dairy-licious jokes! #WisconsinLaughs"

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Wall jokes

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Sorority jokes

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Submarine jokes

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San diego jokes

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Philosophy jokes

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Holy water jokes

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Spy jokes

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Iceland jokes

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Hillary clinton jokes

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Us state jokes

"Laugh your way across the USA with hilarious state-specific jokes! Discover the humor in every corner of America in one quick read!"

Ten commandments jokes

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Old age jokes

"Age is just a number, but these jokes will make you feel young again! "

Civil war jokes

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Ymca jokes

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Museum jokes

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Miners jokes

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Korean jokes

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French jokes

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Et jokes

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Elvis jokes

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Idaho jokes

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Stonehenge jokes

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Cult jokes

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Richard jokes

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Country music jokes

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Archaeologist jokes

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