Where threads meet threats and haute couture has humor! Strut into the stylish side of sillies and vogueish vanities.

Step onto our fashion runway, where every garment guffaws and every trend tickles. Ever pictured a fedora’s funny fables or a stiletto's stand-up special? From designer dishings and model mirth to fabric funnies that are stitch-perfect, our collection tailors to every humor hue. Whether you're into retro riddles or contemporary couture chuckles, we've sewn together a tapestry of teases to ensure you're always dressed in the best of jests. Sashay into the chic circus of comedy couture!

Hood jokes

"Get ready to laugh your hood off with these hilarious jokes! Discover the humor hidden in everyday life. #HoodHumor"

Hat jokes

"Hat jokes that'll leave you in stitches! Get ready to laugh your hat off with these hilarious quips. #HatHumor"

Fedora jokes

"Unleash your inner 'm'lady' with these Fedora jokes - tip your way to laughter in style! #FedoraFunnies"

Emo kid jokes

"Emo kids have a unique way of seeing the world. Get ready for some dark humor that'll make you cry... with laughter!"

Apple watch jokes

"Time for a laugh with Apple Watch jokes! ⌚ Get ready to tickle your funny bone and tech-savvy senses in seconds! #AppleWatchHumor"

Shoes jokes

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Leather jokes

"Unleash laughter with our leather-themed jokes – where puns are as smooth as buttery leather and laughter is the best accessory! #LeatherLaughs"

Velcro jokes

"Unzip the laughter with velcro jokes! Stick around for a rip-roaring good time in our blog post!"

Sewing jokes

"Thread the needle of laughter with these sew-sational jokes! Stitch up your funny bone and unravel a world of sewing humor. #SewingJokes"

Backpack jokes

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Color jokes

"Dive into a world of colorful humor! Discover the shades of laughter in our rainbow of jokes. "

Ugly jokes

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Drag queen jokes

"Glitter, sass, and fabulousness take center stage! Unleash the laughter with drag queen jokes that slay the runway of humor. #DragQueenLaughs"

Cheap jokes

"Penny-pinching humor that won't cost you a cent! Hilarious jokes about being thrifty and wallet-friendly. #CheapLaughs"

Emo jokes

"Get ready to rock your mascara off with dark humor! Embrace the angst and laugh out loud with our unexpected emo jokes. #DarklyAmusing"

Being late jokes

Tick-tock hilarity! Unearth 100+ side-splitting jokes about tardiness that'll have you giggling past the clock's hand. Better late, than never! ⏰

Lingerie jokes

"Lingerie laughs that'll lace up your day! 100+ intimate jokes to tickle your fancy and leave you in stitches. Get ready for a rib-tickling ride!"

Hairline jokes

"Lost and found: A hair-raising collection of jokes about hairlines that'll leave you in stitches! #BaldAndBold"

Farmer's daughter

"Harvest humor blooms: Farmer's daughter jokes and puns ripe for a good laugh! "

Michael jackson

"Beat the gloomy day with Michael Jackson humor! Moonwalk through witty jokes, puns, and riddles that'll rock your world. #MJLaughs"

Rug jokes

"Unroll hilarity: Dive into a world of woven wit with these rug-tastic jokes! #RugHumor #LaughingOnTheFloor"

Ring jokes

"Ring in the laughter with these one-ring wonders! Discover hilarious ring-themed jokes that'll leave you in stitches. Don't miss out!"

Chin jokes

"Chin up for a laugh! Discover the quirkiest chin jokes that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear. #ChinJokes"

Tighter than jokes

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Mustache jokes

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Knitting jokes

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Diamond jokes

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Bare ass jokes

"Cheeky humor for a laugh-out-loud read! These bare-ass jokes will have you in stitches - but keep your pants on!"

Shirt jokes

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Red jokes

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Mirror jokes

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Long hair jokes

"Long hair: the secret weapon for endless bad hair day jokes. Get ready to laugh your locks off!"

Cowgirl jokes

"Saddle up for a wild ride of laughter with cowgirl jokes that'll have you mooing with delight! #CowgirlComedy"

Brace jokes

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Bow tie jokes

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French jokes

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70s jokes

"Get groovy with the funniest 70s throwback jokes! Disco, bell bottoms, and hilarity await in this blast from the past. #70sJokes"

Roller skate jokes

"Roller skate jokes that'll make you roll with laughter! Get ready for wheely good humor on wheels! #RollerSkateLaughs"

Lipstick jokes

"Painting the town red, one lipstick joke at a time! Get ready to pout with laughter in our luscious lip-smacking humor collection! "

Jewelry jokes

"Unearth the hidden gems of laughter with our sparkling jewelry jokes! ✨ Dive into a world of witty bling in 130 characters or less!"

Ponytail jokes

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Disco jokes

"Get ready to groove and giggle! Disco jokes that'll have you dancing with laughter. Stay funky, not chunky! #DiscoFever"

Lips jokes

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Short jokes

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Geezer jokes

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Pajama jokes

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Vape jokes

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Underwear jokes

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Skin jokes

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Hairy jokes

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Selfie jokes

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Kilt jokes

"Unveil the 'unbree-lievable' charm of kilts with laughs that'll make you pleat with joy. Get ready to kilt it with humor!"

Camouflage jokes

"Unveil laughter in disguise with camouflage-themed jokes that blend humor seamlessly into your surroundings. Get ready to camouflage and chuckle!"

Pants jokes

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Hairdresser jokes

"Trimming more than split ends, hairdressers wield scissors and laughter. Unveil the snip-tastic humor in our salon-themed jokes!"

Airpod jokes

"Lost an AirPod: now part of an urban treasure hunt for mice with impeccable music taste #AirPodAdventures"

Yoga pants jokes

"Stretching the limits of comfort and laughter – find your inner zen with these hilarious yoga pants jokes. Flex and LOL your way through downward dog!"

Sunglasses jokes

"Shady business ahead: Unveil a world of tinted humor with our sunglasses jokes. Get ready to throw shade and shine a light on laughter!"

Barbie jokes

"Barbie's got a plastic smile, and these jokes are the real deal! Dive into a toy-ally hilarious world you won't Kensider missing."

Jeans jokes

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Hippie jokes

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Glasses jokes

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Sweater jokes

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Saggy jokes

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Makeup jokes

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Vinyl jokes

"Groovy vinyl jokes: Needles to say, these puns will spin your laughter on a record high. Let's groove and vinyl-ize the humor!"

Haircut jokes

"Locks of humor: Unveil a cut above the rest with our snip-tilating collection of haircut jokes. Trim the gloom, style in smiles!"

Goth jokes

"Dark humor meets a pale aesthetic. Unveil the coffin of laughs with our wickedly funny goth jokes. Ready to embrace the shadows?"

Crocs jokes

"Step into a world of laughter with crocodile-inspired humor. These jokes will have you snapping with joy! #CrocComedy"

Nudist jokes

Expose yourself to uncontrollable laughter with our cheeky collection of nudist jokes. Unleash the humor, sans clothes!

Nudity jokes

Dare to Laugh Uncovered! 100+ side-splitting jokes about nudity that will leave you in stitches. Don't miss this skin-tingling humor!

Transvestite jokes

Dive into a laughter extravaganza with 100+ surprising transvestite jokes. Get ready to LOL like never before!

Playboy jokes

Unveil 100+ uproarious jokes about the infamous playboy lifestyle. Prepare for a wild ride of laughter and unexpected twists!