Reservoir of Rambles – “R” radiates rollicking riffs! Revel in a reservoir rich with rib-tickling rambles and rascally repartees.

Ready to ride the rambunctious rollercoaster of "R"? Roosters reciting rhymes, rabbits relishing ravioli, or raccoons recounting their recent raids. "R" radiates a range of rib-tickling riffs and rambles, rendering readers into rapturous revellers. Revel in "R" right away!

Roach jokes

"Roach jokes that'll have you laughing, not squirming! Dive into the lighter side of these tiny troublemakers. #RoachComedy"

Repent jokes

"Repent for those snack sins! Hilarious confessions & redemption in just 130 characters! #RepentanceLaughs"

R jokes

Ready to ROFL? Dive into 100+ rib-tickling jokes about "R"! Brace yourself for roaring laughter and witty wordplay!

Rhymes jokes

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Reunion jokes

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Roses are red jokes

"Roses are red, laughter is contagious! Dive into a garden of witty blooms with our rose-tinted jokes. Petals up for giggles!"

Rug jokes

"Unroll hilarity: Dive into a world of woven wit with these rug-tastic jokes! #RugHumor #LaughingOnTheFloor"

Ring jokes

"Ring in the laughter with these one-ring wonders! Discover hilarious ring-themed jokes that'll leave you in stitches. Don't miss out!"

Resurrection jokes

"Revive your sense of humor with resurrection jokes that'll have you rolling in the afterlife!"

Rubik jokes

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Rib jokes

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Red jokes

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Real estate jokes

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Richard jokes

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Ranch dressing jokes

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Ramen jokes

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Roller skate jokes

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Radiologist jokes

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Referee jokes

"Referees: The unsung comedians of the sports world! Dive into a penalty box of laughter with these whistle-worthy jokes."

Red riding hood jokes

"Red Riding Hood: A twistier path, a punnier forest! Explore the humor in the classic tale with our hilarious jokes! #RedRidingHoodLaughs"

Rushmore jokes

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Robot jokes

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Ranger jokes

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Rum jokes

"Stirring up laughter and spirits: Sip on these intoxicatingly hilarious rum jokes. A shot of humor to brighten your day!"

Recycling jokes

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Roman jokes

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Raisin jokes

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Root canal jokes

"Unveil the secret life of root canals: Where toothaches retreat and dentists become superheroes of the oral realm! #DentalHumor"

Romeo jokes

"Romeo walks into a bar – and no, it's not a punchline. Discover Shakespearean charm with a twist of modern humor in these jokes!"

Russia jokes

"From matryoshka wit to Kremlin chuckles, dive into the quirks of Russia with rib-tickling jokes that Putin a smile on your face! "

Roller coaster jokes

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Rain jokes

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Renaissance jokes

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Reddit jokes

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Rabbit jokes

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Restaurant jokes

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Rex jokes

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Rock band jokes

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Rapper jokes

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