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superman jokes new

Superman jokes

“Discover the secrets Superman never wanted you to know! Unveil the comedic side of the Man of Steel in a hilarious blog post!”
logarithm jokes new

Logarithm jokes

Laugh out loud with these unexpected and witty logarithm jokes! Perfect for math lovers and humor enthusiasts alike.
soy milk jokes new

Soy milk jokes

Why did the soy milk bring a ladder to the party? Because it heard the …

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kfc jokes new

Kfc jokes

Discover 100+ KFC jokes that are finger-lickin’ hilarious! Get ready to laugh your feathers off with these crispy one-liners and puns.
hay jokes new

Hay jokes

Get ready to roll in the hay with laughter! Our bale-arious jokes will have you giggling ’til the cows come home.
stormtrooper jokes new

Stormtrooper jokes

“Get ready to dodge blaster bolts of hilarity! Dive into a galaxy of giggles with our collection of Stormtrooper jokes. May the laughter be with you!”
ford jokes new

Ford jokes

“Gear up for a joyride through 100+ Ford jokes! From Mustang mishaps to F-150 fiascos, buckle in for laughter on every mile of this comedic journey.”
sick jokes new

Sick jokes

“Get ready to LOL despite feeling under the weather! Dive into hilarious sick jokes that’ll cure your boredom faster than chicken soup. #LaughterHeals”
janitor jokes new

Janitor jokes

Get ready to mop up tears of laughter with our janitor jokes! From broomstick banter to mop-top humor, clean up your day with a dose of comedic sparkle.
banana jokes new

Banana jokes

Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t peeling well! What did …

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paleontologist jokes new

Paleontologist jokes

Dig into hilarious paleontologist jokes! Jurassic giggles await—fossil fun for everyone!
carlos jokes

Carlos jokes

“Carlos: The punchline you never saw coming. “
teamster jokes new

Teamster jokes

Why did the teamster bring a ladder to work? Because they heard the boss was …

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bible jokes new

Bible jokes

Unearth the divine laughter hidden within the scriptures! Delve into a collection of Bible jokes that’ll leave you in stitches.
vegan jokes new

Vegan jokes

Plant-based punchlines ripe for the picking! Dive into a veggie-filled world of laughter with our hilarious vegan jokes.
step ladder jokes new

Step ladder jokes

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roller skate jokes new

Roller skate jokes

Roll into laughter with 100+ roller skate jokes! From rink puns to wheel-y funny quips, these will keep you spinning with giggles!
pickle jokes new

Pickle jokes

Get a taste of laughter with 100+ pickle jokes! From dill-icious puns to sour zingers, these crunchy quips will tickle your funny bone.
frosting jokes new

Frosting jokes

Why did the frosting start a band? It wanted to be the icing on the …

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escalator jokes new

Escalator jokes

Laugh your way up and down with 100+ hilarious escalator jokes! Perfect for a smooth ride full of unexpected humor.
filipino jokes new

Filipino jokes

Laugh out loud with Pinoy humor! Dive into a delightful collection of Filipino jokes that’ll keep you grinning all day.
mouth jokes new

Mouth jokes

Why did the mouth go to school? Because it wanted to become a word wizard! …

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talent jokes new

Talent jokes

Unlock laughter’s potential with 100 talent-themed jokes! Brace for a giggle-fueled journey through wit’s finest hour.
necromancer jokes new

Necromancer jokes

Grave humor reigns! Unearth giggles with our necromancer jokes – darkly delightful chuckles await.
digestive jokes new

Digestive jokes

Embark on a belly-aching adventure through the hilarious world of digestion with these gut-busting jokes!
nickelback jokes

Nickelback jokes

“Discover Nickelback: The Only Band That Makes Us Question the Existence of Earplugs. “
jamaican jokes new

Jamaican jokes

Savor the spice of Jamaican humor with a medley of island wit! Dive into laughter with jokes as vibrant as a Caribbean sunset.
circuit jokes new

Circuit jokes

“Spark up your day with shocking circuit jokes! Resistance to laughter is futile in this electrifying comedic journey. Get amped!”
hell jokes new

Hell jokes

“Discover devilishly funny jokes about hell that’ll make you LOL and question your afterlife plans! #Humor #HellishLaughs”
travel jokes new

Travel jokes

Why don’t skeletons ever go on trips? Because they don’t have the guts for it! …

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cotton eye joe jokes new

Cotton eye joe jokes

Lasso up laughter with Cotton-Eyed Joe jokes! Saddle up for a wild ride through toe-tapping humor in this honky-tonk roundup.
duck jokes new

Duck jokes

Duck into laughter with quacktastic jokes! Feather your funny bone with our webbed wonders.
vape jokes new

Vape jokes

Laugh out loud with 100+ vape jokes! From misty puns to vapor quips, this collection will leave you in a cloud of giggles!
backwards jokes

Backwards jokes

“Jokes turned inside out: Unwind your laughter with reverse hilarity in our collection of backwards humor. Get ready to flip your funny bone!”
ace jokes new

Ace jokes

Why did the ace refuse to play cards with the other numbers? Because it knew …

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pennsylvania jokes new

Pennsylvania jokes

Why did the Pennsylvania cheese refuse to melt? Because it heard Philly was too hot …

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oil rig jokes new

Oil rig jokes

Laugh out loud with 100+ side-splitting oil rig jokes! Perfect for anyone needing a good chuckle and a break from the rig life.
weight watchers jokes new

Weight watchers jokes

Slim down your stress with a feast of funny! Dive into our weighty collection of weight watcher jokes guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!
spoon jokes new

Spoon jokes

Why did the spoon go to therapy? It couldn’t handle the pressure of being spoon-fed …

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dog poo jokes new

Dog poo jokes

Laugh your way through a mess! Dive into our hilarious dog poo jokes that are surprisingly clean and absolutely punny!