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square root jokes new

Square root jokes

Unlock the humor hidden in numbers with our square root jokes! Get ready to giggle and √be amazed in this comedic numerical adventure!
cheesecake jokes new

Cheesecake jokes

“Indulge in laughter with cheesecake jokes that slice through the mundane. A taste of humor that’s as rich as the dessert itself!”
breakup jokes new

Breakup jokes

Laugh through the heartache with 100+ breakup jokes that turn tears into giggles. Find humor in the chaos of love gone wrong!
pregnancy jokes new

Pregnancy jokes

Why did the pregnant woman go to the art gallery? Because she heard they had …

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idaho jokes new

Idaho jokes

Taters and laughter collide in our Idahoan joke anthology. Brace for a spud-tacular ride through the Gem State’s humor!
clay jokes new

Clay jokes

Why did the clay bring a date to the pottery class? It wanted to make …

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2020 vision jokes new

2020 vision jokes

Laugh your way to perfect clarity with over 100 hilarious 2020 vision jokes! See the funny side of eyesight with these witty one-liners and puns.
cloud jokes new

Cloud jokes

Why did the cloud bring an umbrella to the party? Because it heard it was …

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dark humour jokes new

Dark humour jokes

Enter the abyss of dark humor with 100+ jaw-dropping jokes that will leave you gasping and laughing in equal measure. ️
backpack jokes new

Backpack jokes

100+ Backpack Bellylaughs: Unzip the Laughter!
thesaurus jokes new

Thesaurus jokes

Unravel the hilarity woven within words! Dive into a lexicon labyrinth with 100+ uproarious thesaurus jokes.
navy jokes new

Navy jokes

Sail into laughter with navy jokes! Set course for hilarity on the high seas with our rib-tickling collection. Anchors aweigh for a comedy voyage! ⚓
paintball jokes new

Paintball jokes

Dive into a splatter-filled world of laughter with these paintball puns! Get ready to unleash your giggles and dodge the humor.
iron jokes new

Iron jokes

“Unleash your iron wit with these jokes! From puns that smelt to gags that steel the show, laugh your way through this metal marvel.”
pirate jokes new

Pirate jokes

Shiver me timbers! Dive into a sea of laughs with pirate jokes that’ll have you saying “Arrr” in no time.
coyote jokes new

Coyote jokes

Laugh out loud with 100+ coyote jokes! Discover the wild humor of these crafty canids and enjoy a howl of a good time.
rock climbing jokes new

Rock climbing jokes

Why did the rock climber bring a ladder to the gym? Because he wanted to …

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blind man jokes new

Blind man jokes

Why did the blind man fall into the well? Because he couldn’t see that well! …

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cleaner jokes new

Cleaner jokes

Scrub away the gloom with a sponge of laughter! Dive into our cleaner-themed jokes for a sparkling dose of humor.
pikachu jokes new

Pikachu jokes

Zap into laughter with electrifying Pikachu puns! Get your daily dose of giggles and sparks with our shockingly funny jokes. ⚡️
manufacturing jokes new

Manufacturing jokes

Dive into a laughter-fueled factory floor! 100+ manufacturing jokes to spark joy and weld smiles.
fishing jokes new

Fishing jokes

Why don’t fish play piano? Because you can’t tuna fish! What did the fish say …

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pulpit jokes new

Pulpit jokes

Pulpit chuckles galore! Dive into a sanctuary of humor with jokes that’ll have you preaching laughter in no time.
diaper jokes new

Diaper jokes

“Unleash giggles with diaper jokes! From bottomless puns to ‘diaper’ly hilarious punchlines, this post will have you laughing ’til you’re nappy!”
mcdonald jokes new

Mcdonald jokes

Sink your teeth into a hilarious feast! Laugh your way through the golden arches with our side-splitting McDonald’s jokes!
orphans jokes new

Orphans jokes

Orphan jokes: Unveiling humor in the absence.
moon jokes new

Moon jokes

Discovering the humor of the East Coast is like unearthing a treasure trove of joy. As we wrap up our journey through these rib-tickling anecdotes, remember, the laughter doesn’t end here. Explore more mirth-filled moments featuring our beloved Newfoundlanders on our site. Don’t miss out on the giggles and grins that await you. Keep the chuckles rolling and the smiles shining bright!
wrench jokes new

Wrench jokes

“Unleash laughter with wrench jokes! From nutty puns to wrenching laughs, these surprises will tighten your humor bolts. Click for a twist!”
russia jokes new

Russia jokes

“From bears on unicycles to vodka-fueled wisdom, explore the quirky side of Russia in a hilarious collection of jokes!”
choir jokes new

Choir jokes

“Harmonize your laughter with choir jokes that strike all the right chords! Discover puns that hit the high notes in hilarious harmony. “
pipeline jokes new

Pipeline jokes

Why did the pipeline go to therapy? It had too many unresolved issues. What did …

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skin jokes

Skin jokes

“Unveil the laughter with skin-deep humor! Dive into a world of dermatological delight with our collection of witty skin jokes.”
hairline jokes new

Hairline jokes

“Lost and found: A hair-raising collection of jokes about hairlines that’ll leave you in stitches! #BaldAndBold”
minion jokes new

Minion jokes

Get ready to giggle! Dive into a minion-infested world of laughter with jokes that’ll have you in stitches.
keyboard jokes new

Keyboard jokes

Unleash laughter with every keystroke! Dive into a keyboard’s comedic universe with our hilarious jokes!
environment jokes new

Environment jokes

Why did the tree break up with the forest? It needed some space to branch …

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fat jokes new

Fat jokes

Giggle your way through 100+ rib-tickling jokes about fat! A rollicking collection of humor awaits, sure to leave you in stitches!
porcupine jokes

Porcupine jokes

“Quill your curiosity with hilarity! Dive into our porcupine jokes – sharp wit, prickly punchlines, and laughter that sticks! #PorcupineHumor”
wednesday jokes new

Wednesday jokes

Whisk away midweek woes with hilarious Wednesday jokes! Dive into a pool of laughter as we turn the mundane into mirth.
jack in the box jokes new

Jack in the box jokes

Why did the Jack in the Box bring a ladder to work? Because he wanted …

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roman jokes new

Roman jokes

Unearth 100+ Roman-themed jests: from gladiator giggles to chariot chuckles, conquer laughter like a true emperor!
manager jokes new

Manager jokes

Why did the manager bring a ladder to work? Because they heard the corporate ladder …

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r jokes new

R jokes

Ready to ROFL? Dive into 100+ rib-tickling jokes about “R”! Brace yourself for roaring laughter and witty wordplay!
target jokes new

Target jokes

Why did the archer take his computer to Target? Because he wanted to hit the …

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offender jokes new

Offender jokes

Why did the offender bring a ladder to the crime scene? Because they wanted to …

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division jokes new

Division jokes

Why did the math book look so sad? It was full of division problems, and …

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stomach jokes new

Stomach jokes

Feast on hilarious stomach jokes! Gut-wrenching laughs guaranteed in this belly-busting collection.
possum jokes new

Possum jokes

Possum puns that’ll make you play possum with laughter!
lottery jokes new

Lottery jokes

“Ready to roll the dice on laughter? Dive into our lottery joke bonanza for a guaranteed jackpot of chuckles! #LotteryHumor #LaughOutLoud”
mosquito jokes new

Mosquito jokes

Buzz into laughter with 100+ hilarious mosquito jokes! Perfect for swatting away boredom and itching for some fun.
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