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miracle jokes new

Miracle jokes

Prepare for a riotous ride through 100+ miraculous jokes that’ll have you believing in laughter’s magic!
trucker jokes new

Trucker jokes

Rev up your laughter engines with trucker-themed humor! From road trip rib-ticklers to highway hijinks, buckle up for a hilarious ride!
ice cream jokes new

Ice cream jokes

Scoop up the laughs! Dive into a world of frozen fun with our ice cream jokes. Guaranteed brain freeze—of laughter!
cookie jokes new

Cookie jokes

Indulge in 100+ hilarious cookie jokes that will crumble your stress and sweeten your day with laughter. Bite into humor now!
shoes jokes new

Shoes jokes

Why did the shoe go to therapy? It had too many sole-searching issues. What do …

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pencil jokes new

Pencil jokes

Sharpen your wit with 100+ pencil puns! From graphite giggles to eraser escapades, this blog post will sketch a smile on your face.
atom jokes new

Atom jokes

Electrify your funny bone with atomic humor! Dive into a nucleus of laughs with these atom-inspired jokes.
turkish jokes new

Turkish jokes

Discover 100+ hilarious Turkish jokes that will tickle your funny bone and leave you laughing for hours! Dive in for a dose of fun and surprises!
you wouldnt get it jokes new

You wouldn’t get it jokes

Discover 100+ hilarious jokes you’ll pretend to understand. Dive into humor that’s sharp, exclusive, and always a step ahead!
jenner jokes new

Jenner jokes

Get ready to giggle with 100+ Jenner jokes that redefine fabulousness with a dash of wit!
politically correct jokes new

Politically correct jokes

Dive into a riotous realm of PC humor with these boundary-busting jokes! Brace yourself for laughs aplenty in this comedic journey.
military jokes new

Military jokes

March into hilarity with our arsenal of military jokes! From boot camp banter to battlefield humor, we’ve got you covered. Lock and load your laughter!
confession jokes new

Confession jokes

“Confession time! Dive into our hilarious blog post packed with surprising and witty jokes that’ll have you laughing out loud.”
milf jokes new

Milf jokes

“Get ready to laugh with MILF jokes that’ll leave you in stitches! Your sense of humor is about to get a serious upgrade.”
constipation jokes new

Constipation jokes

Why did the constipated mathematician struggle? Because he had too many problems to solve! What …

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pikachu jokes new

Pikachu jokes

Zap into laughter with electrifying Pikachu puns! Get your daily dose of giggles and sparks with our shockingly funny jokes. ⚡️
machinist jokes new

Machinist jokes

Why did the machinist become a comedian? Because he knew how to turn a dull …

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jamaican jokes new

Jamaican jokes

Savor the spice of Jamaican humor with a medley of island wit! Dive into laughter with jokes as vibrant as a Caribbean sunset.
patty o jokes new

Patty o jokes

Why did the patty o refuse to play cards? Because it heard they were always …

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printer jokes new

Printer jokes

Get ready to laugh your toner off with printer puns that’ll have you in stitches!
pinocchio jokes new

Pinocchio jokes

  1. Why did Shrek go to the bakery? He heard they had ogre-sized pastries!
  2. What’s Shrek’s favorite dance move? The ogre-twist!
  3. Why did Shrek become a comedian? Because he’s great at delivering punchlines that pack an ogre-sized punch!
  4. What did Shrek say when he accidentally stepped on Donkey’s tail? “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hoof it!”
  5. Why did Shrek bring a shovel to the party? He heard they were digging up some ogre-sized fun!
  6. What’s Shrek’s favorite bedtime story? “Jack and the Ogre-stalk”!
  7. Why did Shrek go to the library? He heard they had a great selection of ogre-chieving books!
  8. What did Shrek say when he saw a ghost in his swamp? “Ogre here, ogre now, let’s get this ghost out!”
  9. Why did Shrek become a barber? He’s great at giving people ogre-cuts!
  10. What’s Shrek’s favorite type of pizza? One with extra layers of onions!
  11. Why did Shrek bring a hammer to the party? He heard they were nailing the entertainment!
  12. What did Shrek say when he got a paper cut? “Ow-gre!”
  13. Why did Shrek become a detective? He’s great at uncovering layers of mystery!
  14. What’s Shrek’s favorite TV show? “The Ogre-bachelor”!
  15. Why did Shrek become a scientist? He wanted to discover the secrets of ogre-genetics!
  16. What did Shrek say when he saw a unicorn in his swamp? “Well, this is a first! I’ve never seen a unifart before!”
  17. Why did Shrek bring a map to the desert? He heard there were ogre-sized sandcastles to be built!
  18. What’s Shrek’s favorite outdoor activity? Ogre-boarding!
  19. Why did Shrek become a chef? He’s great at whipping up ogre-sized meals!
  20. What did Shrek say when he saw a rainbow? “Ogre the rainbow and through the swamp, to Far Far Away we go!”
special needs jokes new

Special needs jokes

Discover 100+ witty jokes celebrating unique abilities. Laugh with us and embrace the joy and resilience of the special needs community!
carlos jokes

Carlos jokes

“Carlos: The punchline you never saw coming. “
murphys law jokes new

Murphy’s law jokes

Laugh till it hurts! Dive into a whirlwind of Murphy’s Law jokes. Brace yourself for the unexpected giggles!
tithe jokes new

Tithe jokes

Tithing tales turn hysterical! Dive into a treasure trove of tithe-themed humor. Laughter guaranteed in every contribution!
mad cow disease jokes new

Mad cow disease jokes

“Got beef? Unleash a mad cow laugh riot! Hilarious jokes guaranteed to make you moo-ve with laughter. Don’t miss the udderly funny madness!”
ambulance jokes new

Ambulance jokes

“Rev up your funny bone with a siren-filled joyride! Dive into our ambulance jokes for a comedy rescue!”
walrus jokes new

Walrus jokes

“From tusk-tastic puns to flippered folly, dive into a sea of walrus whimsy! Get ready for a blubbery blast of laughter.”
spider jokes new

Spider jokes

Discover 100+ spider jokes that will weave humor into your day and make you laugh till you’re tangled in giggles!
fire jokes new

Fire jokes

Why did the fire refuse to go out? Because it was too hot to handle! …

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humerus jokes new

Humerus jokes

Discover 100+ hilarious humerus jokes that will tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches! Laugh your way through our bone-rattling humor!
staple jokes new

Staple jokes

Staple your laughter with these rib-tickling jokes! From office antics to kitchen calamities, expect a twist in every punchline.
fortnite jokes new

Fortnite jokes

“Get ready to laugh out loud! Dive into our Fortnite joke compilation for a hilarious gaming adventure you won’t forget. #FortniteHumor”
goth jokes new

Goth jokes

Dive into a cryptic carnival of humor with goth jokes that’ll leave you cackling in the shadows.
flat tire jokes

Flat tire jokes

“Turning a flat situation into a hilarious joyride! Get ready for some tire-iffic humor in our latest blog post. #FlatTireLaughs”
six afraid of seven jokes new

Six afraid of seven jokes

Digit drama! Discover why 6 quivers at the sight of 7 in 100+ uproarious jokes. Brace for numerical hilarity!
adderall jokes new

Adderall jokes

Why did the Adderall cross the road? To increase its focus and attention span on …

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snowmobile jokes new

Snowmobile jokes

Sled into hilarity with our avalanche of snowmobile jokes! ❄️ Let the laughter drift as we race through a blizzard of comedy! ⛄
pi jokes new

Pi jokes

Dive into a deliciously nerdy world of pi jokes! Laugh your way through circles, spheres, and infinite humor in this numerical comedy feast.
horse walks into a bar jokes new

Horse walks into a bar jokes

Saddle up for hilarity with a herd of horse walks into a bar jokes that will leave you hoofing with laughter!
pulpit jokes new

Pulpit jokes

Pulpit chuckles galore! Dive into a sanctuary of humor with jokes that’ll have you preaching laughter in no time.
squirrel jokes new

Squirrel jokes

“Get ready to go nuts with laughter! Dive into a squirrelly world of hilarious jokes in our squirrel-themed comedy collection. Squirrel puns, antics, and more await!”
california jokes new

California jokes

“Discover the sunny side of California with laughter! Dive into our hilarious jokes about the Golden State that will have you rolling in the sand.”
cheesecake jokes new

Cheesecake jokes

“Indulge in laughter with cheesecake jokes that slice through the mundane. A taste of humor that’s as rich as the dessert itself!”
billiard jokes new

Billiard jokes

“Sink your cue into laughter with these pocket-sized billiards jokes! Your funny bone won’t miss the shot with these witty quips.”
window cleaner jokes new

Window cleaner jokes

Why did the window cleaner break up with his girlfriend? Because she couldn’t see things …

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wendys jokes new

Wendy’s jokes

“Get ready to laugh with Wendy’s jokes that flip burgers and tickle your funny bone! Fresh humor served daily, no drive-thru required. “
restaurant jokes new

Restaurant jokes

Feast on laughter with savory restaurant jokes! From chef’s mishaps to food puns, savor the comedic menu in our flavorful blog post.
burrito jokes new

Burrito jokes

Wrap yourself in laughter with our burrito bonanza! A fiesta of jokes awaits in every flavorful bite. Dive in now!
economist jokes new

Economist jokes

“20 Sphinx-tingling Jokes for Another Egyptian Laugh Riot!”
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